Sunday, April 22, 2007

Back to basics

Hi all,

I m back to regular cityscapes ... contrast between smooth planes and sharp lines. Tried to be as crisp as I could. Used Adobe Lightroom to tweak the atmosphere and the rendering.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Meat packing

Hi all-

A quick visit to meat packing (14th and 9 avenue ?) to see how fast fancy clothes shop have replaced meat warehouses. This place is characterized by a striking contrast between the almost collapsing buildings and the unaffordable goods that the stores are now selling. One of these reborn neighborhood, typical of New York City.

Une visite à Meat Packing, ancien quartier des halles à viandes dans le sud Manhattan (au dessus du West Village). Les magasins branchés, les stylistes et les lofts ont peu à peu remplacé les entrepôts. Reste un bar glauque et quelques vieilles poubelles, mais il y a fort à parier que tout ca sera clinquant et hors et de prix dans quelques années (si ca ne l'est pas déjà)...

I just started using Adobe Lightroom to modify images. This software is pretty well designed (although a little sluggish), and allows one to dramatically enhance the pictures.